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EVI Acts: Equilibrium Guitars (small business spotlight)

Continuing with our celebration of small/local businesses, we're talking guitars.... but not just any guitars, handcrafted boutique guitars.

Equilibrium Guitars out of Boston, MA produces perhaps the most beautiful instruments ever made. We may be slightly bias because our good friend Dave Cohen is the owner and mastermind behind these incredible instruments. Every guitarist we know who has had the pleasure of playing an EQ swears by their playability, tone, and resonance.

Dave obsesses over all the details that you would want a luthier to be conscious of - right down to the name of the company; Equilibrium (noun: a state of which opposing forces or influences are balanced). EQ strives to find the perfect balance between ergonomics, aesthetics, and tone.

Music is harmony and so your instrument should be. When the look, sound, and feel

are just right with your personality woven into each aspect -- the result is an

instrument that acts with an exclamation point for your playing style and makes

those first few notes feel like a first date with your soulmate.

- Equilibrium Guitars

If you're particularly eco-conscious you can feel comfortable knowing that EQ sources their wood with sustainability in mind. They craft their guitars from premium woods that they source from responsible distributors to have minimal impact on the environment.

Custom instruments don't come cheap, but if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind guitar of a lifetime, this is who you want to talk to.

EQ also offers top-quality instrument repair out of their Boston location performed by their master technician Ryan Hare. They are praised for their excellent customer service, reasonable prices and fast turnaround times.

Follow Equilibrium and drool over their guitars like we do: Facebook | Instagram

We will be continuing to spotlight local and small businesses throughout the holiday season as we encourage you to SHOP LOCAL and SHOP SMALL to support those who have been hit hardest by the pandemic.

(Photos via Equilibrium Guitars).

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