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EVI Acts: Zenbeast Media (small business spotlight)

You ever meet someone and walk away infuriated by how talented they are? Meet Anthony Lusk-Simone of Zenbeast Media, based out of central Massachusetts. Aside from being an incredibly talented drummer (Abiotic, Pathogenic), Tony has mastered all things audio visual and is creating art that is everything from beautiful to mildly disturbing or some unorthodox combination of both.

Zenbeast Media offers (takes deep breath):





Music Videos

Lyric Videos

Streaming Videos

Special FX

General video editing


Weird personalized animated videos to send to your friends and make them uncomfortable

Album art

3D Modeling/texturing/rigging

Session drums/guitar/bass/synth

There are no words that can really describe working with Tony -- although "caffeine fueled" might sum it up nicely. Tony is incredibly detail oriented and meticulous when it comes to anything he puts his name on and the results speak for themselves.

Tony's most recent audio and visual work is for his band Abiotic's upcoming record "Ikigai" to be released on February 12, 2021 via The Artisan Era. Check out their most recent music video for "Smoldered" featuring Chaney Crabb of Entheos here:

You can FOLLOW Tony and Zenbeast Media on Instagram and Facebook to inquire about booking any or all of the above list.

Clients of Zenbeast Media include but are not limited to:

Pathogenic, Abiotic, Casey Sabol, JIA, Myth of I, Aversed, Lattermath, Mimesis, Atlas, Aurora, Dead Ocean, M.E.O., Till Our Collapse, We Ate The Survivors, A King In Wait (Engineering), Seren, George Orwell The Musical, The Hanover House (Film Scoring), Fight To Survive, Marching On, Jax Teller, Graveborn (Mix/master), Your Pain Is Endearing (Drum Engineering), (Soul Annihilation), I, invent, Unreality, Stoopkid, Dead River, Heavy Mass, Gonzo, Jimmy Almighty, Windwalkers, Degrader, Breathing Concourse, Ashen Wings, Begat the Nephilim, Anchor Thought, The Beast of Nod, Chuggernaut

We will be continuing to spotlight local and small businesses throughout the holiday season as we encourage you to SHOP LOCAL and SHOP SMALL to support those who have been hit hardest by the pandemic.

(Photos via Anthony Lusk-Simone, Zenbeast Media)

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