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EVI Now courses 23, 24, & 25 are live!

We're wrapping up 2021 with three brand new EVI Now courses for our subscribers (con subtítulos en español!). This is our first ever course series and it covers a very popular topic; touring. In this course series, David will walk you through how to prepare yourself for the road, maintain your voice and body on the road, and how to recover afterwards so that you're at maximum health and able to give a performance you're proud of night after night with everyone from first time performers to seasons professionals in mind.

We decided to break up what would've been a very long course into three pieces; the before, during, and after to make it more digestible for all of you since these are more lecture style rather than exercise based (but equally as important!). This course was designed from the conversations David has with his private students regarding touring and the questions asked from his artists at all levels.

Topics in this course series include but are not limited to; practicing before tour, warming up during tour, maintaining vocal health on tour, lifestyle choices on tour, and maintaining your voice after tour. The course series total run time is 2 hours 17 minutes and 55 seconds.

Courses available through EVI Now are:

Course 1: Introduction to Extreme Vocals

Course 2: Preparing the Body for Extreme Vocals

Course 3: Introduction to the False Cord and Fry Techniques

Course 4: Inhale Metal Vocals

Course 5: Vocal Health: Building healthy foundations from the beginning

Course 6: Shaping sound into words, phrasing, and endurance

Course 7: Introduction to Shape and Tonal Variation

Course 8: Shaping Sound: Low Screams

Course 9: Shaping Sound: High Screams

Course 10: Shaping Sound: Mid Screams

Course 11: Introduction to Melodic Singing

Course 12: Unlocking Tone for Extreme and Melodic Vocals

Course 13: Understanding How to Use Projection Effectively

Course 14: Screaming & Melody: Pitched Screams

Course 15: Revisiting the False Cord Technique

Course 16: Revisiting the Fry Scream Technique

Course 17: Strengthening the Melodic Foundation

Course 18: Range Expansion: Expectations and exercises

Course 19: Emulation with Purpose

Course 20: Complete Breathing

Course 21: Improving Endurance

Course 22: Mixed Screaming: Combining the false cord and fry techniques

Course 23: The Tour Cycle: Before

Course 24: The Tour Cycle: During

Course 25: The Tour Cycle: After

EVI Now (launched June 10, 2020), now has 25 courses with 188 lesson videos. We have reached thousands of you from across the world and we are so excited to be a part of so many of your vocal journeys! We are excited for 2022 and have lots of new things planned for the program in the upcoming year, thank you for joining us as we all continue to grow together!


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