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EVI students in the wild: Signs of the Swarm releases banger album 'Absolvere'

We've been so hyped for the new Signs of the Swarm record to drop since we got to hear it over the summer and we hope that if you're a fan of deathcore that you're as stoked on it as we are. "Absolvere" is everything you could want from a deathcore record and more. It shows the evolution of Signs of the Swarm as a band over the last several years and is absolutely relentless in terms of a sonic assault in the best way possible. They released three singles leading up to the release including "Death Whistle" which included the first taste of melodic singing in their material.

Vocalist Dave Simonich's performance on this record is nothing short of devastating. If you were a fan of their previous record "Vital Deprivation" be prepared for even more vocal flexibility and tonal variation. "Absolvere" also includes two features; Alex Erian (Despised Icon) and Ben Duerr (Shadow of Intent) on tracks "Hollow Prison" and "Blood Seal" respectively.

You can stream "Absolvere" everywhere now and check out Signs of the Swarm on tour with Unique Leader Records label mates Worm Shepherd.

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UK Slam Kings Ingested sign with Metal Blade Records

A heavyweight label for a heavyweight band. Ingested announced that they had signed a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records on September 21, 2021. Ingested recently released a re-recorded version of their sophomore album "The Surreption" titled "The Surreption II" for the ten year anniversary.

Check out this livestream performance from Manchester in 2020 and get ready for a new era of Ingested:

Ingested is currently set to tour the United States with Fit For an Autopsy, Enterprise Earth, Signs fo the Swarm, and Great American Ghost in early 2022.

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German metal band Cypecore has "Chosen Chaos" with their new single

Cypecore is one of those bands that's as interesting visually as they are sonically. They incorporate their futuristic sci-fi theme in every aspect of their performance as a band from their attire to their music videos. Their new single "Chosen Chaos" is accompanied by a video featuring great effects, both practical and digital. Musically the song is both heavy and catchy with a great melodic chorus that will be stuck in your head for days demonstrating vocalist Dominic Christoph's control and pliability.

Check out "Chosen Chaos" here:

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Zero's song 'Adrenaline' is the number one active rock song in America

Zero is currently on tour with Shinedown. You can also check Zero out on the remixed version of Atreyu's track "Warrior".

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We Came As Romans' new track 'Black Hole' features Beartooth's Caleb Shomo

The newest We Came As Romans track is a dramatic contrast to the previous track "Darkbloom" that was released in July. The track features catchy and memorable melodies and although it's more melodic than its predecessor it's definitely still an energetic track.

Check out the music video here:

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The last couple of months have been busy for our community! Remember if you're a student or EVI Now subscriber and you've got music coming out be sure to let us know by tagging Extreme Vocal Institute in your posts when it's available for the world to hear!


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