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EVI Talks: Courtney LaPlante (Spiritbox)

We're still adjusting to the fact that concerts are not likely to be happening for a long time so we've had to change up how we're approaching our EVI Talks series on YouTube. This means using the ever-so-popular video meeting tool, Zoom, which we have all become (unwillingly?) accustomed to. Our first EVI Talks of this new virtual series is with Courtney LaPlante, vocalist of Canadian metal band Spiritbox.

David and Courtney cover many topics in this conversation including communication through music, finding your voice and learning how to write for your voice, work ethic and holding yourself accountable, and handling expectations in the music industry.

In this video, David and Courtney reference a live vocal playthrough for Spiritbox's song "Rule of Nines" that was released on May 13 while many of us were still in lockdown. In this playthrough, Courtney demonstrates her impressive melodic control and ability to transition between extreme and melodic vocals seamlessly. You can check out the video here:

Be sure to watch the full conversation between David and Courtney for many important topics regarding being a vocalist in the modern industry and check out Spiritbox's newest single "Blessed Be" released through Pale Chord records!


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