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Metal vocalist Haley Roughton photographed by Israel Mendoza

I have been an extreme metal vocalist for three years now, and playing shows for about a year. I am convinced that my quick progress would not be existent without David‘s help. With a saturated market of self-taught vocalists, David has given me the necessary finesse to practice/warm up efficiently and effectively. Aside from his all around good character, he is extremely knowledgeable and has brought me back from rabbit holes of overthinking and overextending.

Invest in your craft and take lessons!


David and Rilee are really awesome folks and I'd like to commend them for all the work and passion they've put into their projects for the extreme vocal community, as well as the community of humankind.

It's some seriously cool stuff.


EVI Now is an extensive and continuously updating catalog of vocal lessons made available at any time. I can't think of a better resource for learning this style of vocals for people at any point in their career, beginners and seasoned screamers alike. David is a phenomenal and formally trained vocalist with (almost) overwhelmingly extensive knowledge on the subject, as I discovered with our first lesson together.


David definitely helped me find my voice. Prior to taking lessons at extreme vocal institute, I had little formal training. David really helped me refine my technique and get the sound I was going after. He also helped me branch out, encouraging me to experiment with a wide variety of vocal styles. Taking lessons with David has really improved my sound and overall confidence as a vocalist.

EVI has been the perfect place for me to learn and grow as a vocalist. Not only does Dave promote growth and finding your voice as a vocalist, but he also creates a fun and inviting learning environment. I have never been able to learn from vocal teachers until I signed up for EVI. There's no better place to be if you want to be a rock or metal vocalist.


I teach metal vocals and distortions across the pond in Europe and I highly recommend David James Benites! It has been wonderful having lessons with him and chatting in depth about distortions, anatomy and how we teach these things. A pleasure to have such a well-informed colleague!

EVI has been a total game-changer for me! I had already been playing shows and recording with a band when I decided to get started with EVI. When I listened to my first recording since starting private lessons, I was honestly shocked by how much better my vocals sounded than in previous recordings. And this was after just a few lessons! Moreover, after my first show since starting with EVI, I received several comments telling me I had really stepped up my vocal game. I am so glad I started taking private lessons, and I encourage anyone who is on the fence to take the leap. You will be glad you did!


It is hard to put my love of Extreme Vocal Institute into words. David Benites is a vocal genius. His incredible knowledge of the voice is unmatched. I have learned more from him in 18 months than I have learned in my entire 18 years of singing. He has helped me unleash parts of my voice I did not know existed. He could get a potato to sing like a god.


Debated taking metal vocal lessons for over a year and when I stumbled upon EVI after seeing Pathogenic live I knew this was the right place to take lessons. Even with no vocal experience, you will be able to learn quickly and improve. David is extremely skilled and can help create a regime around your skills. 100% worth the time and money. If you want to improve or start your metal vocal journey this is the place to do it!


David has a really unique way of approaching teaching, and it has helped me A LOT! If I'm not connecting with an exercise or something he's trying to show me, he'll try a bunch of different 'tests' until it clicks for me. He has Golden ears and knows exactly what you're doing, and how to fix it. (And is incredibly patient while you're trying to get there) I have a particularly tough time with throat tension because of my MTD. I've had a couple of speech therapists and countless vocal teachers over the years. The majority have offered great little golden nuggets here and there. Unfortunately, an hour warmup only equates to a few hours of tension-free speaking/singing. Then, the tension comes back in full force, and I have to warm up all over again (aarrgghh). In only 3 lessons (yep, ONLY 3) - David took me back to the basics, and discovered a lot of my foundations were wrong. Instead of temporarily fixing the symptoms, as many other teachers do - he's helping me develop the cure. And it's incredible. I can speak and sing a lot longer into the night off one warmup. I'm obviously still applying David's techniques, since it's only been 3 weeks trying to fix a lifetime of doing things incorrectly. But the difference is already incredible. But more importantly - David's instilling a mindset I could use forever. It makes his vocal techniques work so much easier when my approach and way of thinking is now on the right path. Every single lesson is a slew of Golden 'AHA!' moments. Progress feels like that snowball rolling down a hill and turning into a boulder - the changes are coming at an exponential rate. I FINALLY get what others have tried to teach or convey in the past - but they didn't know how to communicate it clearly or in a way that 'clicked'. You know how you can learn one great thing from a bunch of different teachers and eventually it makes sense? Well, imagine not having to waste years and countless dollars on many different teachers/courses and instead, speed up your skill from just one teacher. It's all finally starting to make sense to me. I highly recommend taking private lessons from David. You'll know from the very first lesson that you've made the right choice. Thanks, David!


Since I started lessons at EVI, my vocal abilities have greatly increased inside and outside extreme genres as the techniques can be applied to regular singing. These lessons have increased my confidence on stage and granted me knowledge about the music industry from current touring/performing artists. I couldn’t be happier with my progress thus far and I am beyond excited to see where EVI will guide me.


Since I started at the Extreme Vocal Institute, I've gone from having zero knowledge of anything singing related to being a fairly competent vocalist. In only four months, I've seen noticeable improvement, and I attribute it entirely to David's all encompassing and technique focused teaching style.


I started doing vocal coaching under David with Extreme Vocal Institute in mid July. I did distorted vocals about 3 years prior and clean singing 5 years prior to that. I’ve learned more in 6 months about how my cords work and how to physically shift my voice to achieve the sound I’m looking for. Crisp sound, never hurts, and when something doesn’t sound right I can figure out what is really going on and how to fix it rather than guessing and hurting myself. 10/10 would recommend lessons from David.


Working with David on improving and learning vocal technique over the last year has been quite eye-opening. After having been a vocalist for years, David has treated me with respect when teaching me advanced vocal and breathing exercises, to help me further my sound, as well as better care for my voice. His lessons are worth the time and money, as David adapts and teaches at your level, and gives his full attention to the needs of the student.


I'd say if you're on the fence about taking extreme vocal lessons, definitely go ahead and take the plunge. Not only is David highly knowledgable about the technical aspects of the voice, he articulates and applies these concepts in a very clear and applicable manner. What you gain are tools that will help you self improve as well as high level techniques that you never would have thought to try. Recommended for novices and experts alike.


David is an amazing vocal coach. He is insanely knowledgeable and explains everything in ways that are easy to understand and navigate. Before starting with EVI, I spent countless months watching videos and trying learn proper vocalizing techniques to little or no avail and once I finally decided to seek out professional help for it I noticed a difference immediately. I can’t recommend EVI enough. I feel like each lesson I learn more and more about my own voice and what it’s capable of. If you’re serious about your voice and vocalizing the right way you’ve found your place!


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