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Happy BLEGHk Friday everyone! We have some exciting news - our long awaited warm-up program is finally live through EVI Now! Additionally, you can get a month of EVI Now for just $25 (normally $35) from now until Christmas Eve!

Our warm-up program is broken up by voice type, which we teach you how to find in Course 2 Lesson 6 of EVI Now. It features stretches, melodic vocal warm-ups and extreme vocal warm-ups for both false cord and fry techniques.

David worked hard on crafting this warm-up program, testing different methods with his private students to determine which exercises were most effective across the board. It was a unique challenge given that when David works with his students he adjusts warm-ups and exercises on the fly to accommodate for the individual's needs.

Our goals were to get the body, melodic voice, and vocal distortion appropriately warmed up and after a lot of trial and error, many practice sessions of JUST these exercises we are confident that you will be prepped for your rehearsal, recording session, performance, etc.

Like all aspects of EVI Now, we expect this warm-up program to be constantly changing and adapting as we continue to grow. As always, we welcome suggestions for how we can improve our program so that we can best help you on your vocal journey. You can leave us feedback by contacting us at

Keep your eyes open for a lot more coming to EVI Now soon and as always #ScreamResponsibly!


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