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WHat our EVI Now Users say:

Tom Kaduk

Within minutes, David cleared up misconceptions about screaming that had been holding me back for years. After a couple weeks of practice I already feel much more confident in my ability not only to produce these sounds, but to progress long term.

Ivan alejandro

I subscribed to EVI Now about a week ago and it has been amazing for me, I really like the way David explains each topic and his demonstrations are very useful when it's time for practice. After watching the Free Vocal Clinic and Vocal Warm-up videos I knew he would help me improve dramatically. 

He also has several courses where he teaches the following steps once you can produce a false cord/fry scream sound like improving pronunciation and pitch variation.

Chris velarde

EVI Now is an extensive and continuously updating catalog of vocal lessons made available at any time. I can't think of a better resource for learning this style of vocals for people at any point in their career, beginners and seasoned screamers alike. David is a phenomenal and formally trained vocalist with (almost) overwhelmingly extensive knowledge on the subject, as I discovered with our first lesson together.


Huge fan of EVI Now, really benefitting from the course. I find it easier to digest than 'Zen of Screaming'.

PHIL Jónsson

EVI Now teaches you everything in great detail - I have a chronic cold and still after only a month I am able to do both screaming techniques.


I was able to fry scream until earlier this year when suddenly I couldn't anymore and couldn't for the life of me get it back--what worked didn't anymore. A month ago I tried out Extreme Vocal Institute to see if it could help--and it did! I'm very much at the early stages and need to keep practicing it but I'm super relieved and pleased. Thank you David Benites and everyone at Extreme Vocal Institute!

Jacob Woodyard

So I've been a vocalist for around 11-12 years. I stopped doing vocals for maybe 4-5 years and just recently got back into it as I started a new band. I let my ego get the best of me and I told myself I don't need to do practices or warm ups because I knew what I was doing. Come to find out I literally lost my scream as my body changed drastically over those years I stopped. So I basically had to start from scratch. EVI was literally perfect. I found my new range within a week. If you're a beginner and you follow this incredibly well, you'll find your scream within a the first few weeks guaranteed. I highly recommend this class to anyone who's serious about learning vocals.


Two weeks ago I couldn't sing happy birthday in tune! I can now hold notes, change pitch and starting to break through and activate my false cords, looking forward to progressing this later and then moving to the fry! Thank you so much my dude, in one of your videos I learnt more than 20 YouTube videos

Razvan tudor

This was beyond great , it took my bad scream which was epiglottis engagement to a healthy false cord , multiple tones, good breath


This program is absolutely AWESOME! David is SO incredibly thorough and explains everything in a way that is very easy to understand and follow.


The courses walk you through at such a great pace and the exercises ensure development. Of course practice makes progress so you're gonna have to do the work.


I have absolutely no prior screaming experience and just picked this up as a challenge/hobby and I've had a GREAT time going through the courses for almost a year now and I am honestly shocked at how much I could develop my screaming voice in such a relatively short period of time. I truly believe that great guidance is key and that is what you get with David. Looking forward to more new courses and thoroughly recommend! SO WORTH THE INVESTMENT! David is truly talented and a fantastic teacher.

Thank you EVI Now!


I just started EVI [Now] last week after months of trying to do false and fry screams on my own. I already have advanced way beyond within just a week of your courses verses what I could do in months on my own. Your courses are truly worth the money and highly appreciated. Especially with how in depth you are and explaining it in such a way for it to be easily understood