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Credit: Trevor McGoldrick
private COACHING with david benites

A personalized approach to your vocal journey.

Private coaching allows for David to give you his undivided attention while setting goals for you and your voice. David will create exercises and a lesson program that is unique to you that will improve your tone, performance, vocal health and more. 


Photos: Eduardo Ruiz, Trevor Tressler


David and Extreme Vocal Institute gave me the tools and techniques to finally unlock the true potential of my voice.


Virtual Lessons

Unleash your vocal potential from anywhere with David's remote vocal coaching. The pandemic led David to adapt to online teaching, ensuring you receive the same personalized instruction and tailored feedback as in-person lessons. David adapts his teaching style and approach to each individual client to fit their needs and learning preferences. 

Virtual lessons


On Tour

Can't get enough of David? Always wondered what it's like to have him invade your personal space? We've got the solution for you. Take David on tour with your band! David started coaching on the road in summer of 2022 and has barely been home since. Feel your best with daily vocal maintenance for improved stamina and overall better performance so your fans experience your best shows ever.

Photo: Paxton Powell

On Tour


In Studio

Want to really push your limits and explore new vocal territories on your next record? David works alongside you and your producer to help you achieve your vision. Recording can be challenging without the adrenaline of the stage, but it doesn't have to be. Schedule meetings ahead of your studio time or bring David straight into the booth with you.

In Studio
Credit_ Trevor McGoldrick
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"I have been an extreme metal vocalist for three years now, and playing shows for about a year. I am convinced that my quick progress would not be existent without David‘s help. With a saturated market of self-taught vocalists, David has given me the necessary finesse to practice/warm up efficiently and effectively. Aside from his all around good character, he is extremely knowledgeable and has brought me back from rabbit holes of overthinking and overextending.

Invest in your craft and take lessons!"


Extreme Vocal Institute offers private vocal lessons and online courses taught by David Benites, expert in vocal distortion and touring vocal coach for metal artists. 

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