Get the personalized instruction that your vocal journey deserves. Private lessons with David allow him to give you his undivided attention, identify your habits, the good and the bad, and help you develop a unique routine to improve your vocals, performance, and more.

Lessons are one (1) hour in duration and are conducted online through Zoom, Skype, etc. 

  • Lessons are available in single, 4-lesson and semester (12-lesson) packages

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what our students say


Working with David not only expanded my repertoire of harsh vocals but it also provided me knowledge and understanding of how my voice works, allowing easier transitions between both clean and harsh vocal techniques and developing my endurance so I can last through a 45 minute set or back to back recording sessions.


High quality instruction from a highly skilled and qualified teacher. EVI and David Benites are worth the time and money if you're serious about improving your vocal technique and performance.


I’ve always struggled as a vocalist, both in proper technique in this genre and in finding my voice. Since working with David at the Extreme Vocal Institute, I’ve seen a significant progression in my overall performance, more so than after working with professors at Berklee. If you’re an aspiring vocalist and metal is your genre, then Extreme Vocal Institute is the place for you!

David has a really unique way of approaching teaching, and it has helped me A LOT! If I'm not connecting with an exercise or something he's trying to show me, he'll try a bunch of different 'tests' until it clicks for me. He has Golden ears and knows exactly what you're doing, and how to fix it. (And is incredibly patient while you're trying to get there) I have a particularly tough time with throat tension because of my MTD. I've had a couple of speech therapists and countless vocal teachers over the years. The majority have offered great little golden nuggets here and there. Unfortunately, an hour warmup only equates to a few hours of tension-free speaking/singing. Then, the tension comes back in full force, and I have to warm up all over again (aarrgghh). In only 3 lessons (yep, ONLY 3) - David took me back to the basics, and discovered a lot of my foundations were wrong. Instead of temporarily fixing the symptoms, as many other teachers do - he's helping me develop the cure. And it's incredible. I can speak and sing a lot longer into the night off one warmup. I'm obviously still applying David's techniques, since it's only been 3 weeks trying to fix a lifetime of doing things incorrectly. But the difference is already incredible. But more importantly - David's instilling a mindset I could use forever. It makes his vocal techniques work so much easier when my approach and way of thinking is now on the right path. Every single lesson is a slew of Golden 'AHA!' moments. Progress feels like that snowball rolling down a hill and turning into a boulder - the changes are coming at an exponential rate. I FINALLY get what others have tried to teach or convey in the past - but they didn't know how to communicate it clearly or in a way that 'clicked'. You know how you can learn one great thing from a bunch of different teachers and eventually it makes sense? Well, imagine not having to waste years and countless dollars on many different teachers/courses and instead, speed up your skill from just one teacher. It's all finally starting to make sense to me. I highly recommend taking private lessons from David. You'll know from the very first lesson that you've made the right choice. Thanks, David!



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