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David Benites teams up with Luke Holland, Jason Richardson for Lamb of God 'Laid to Rest' cover

Extreme Vocal Institute owner and coach David Benites is the voice on Luke Holland and Jason Richardson's newest cover, "Laid to Rest" by iconic metal band Lamb of God. Check out the video here:

Jason and Luke had the idea for the cover because they wanted to pay homage to a song they had both learned in their teens. They are currently in the process of producing Jason's next full length record.

This cover was filmed, recorded and mixed at Mixwave in Bethesda, MD. Filmed by Marylou Larson and recorded, mixed, mastered by Taylor Larson.

Follow all who were involved!

Luke Holland --- Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | TikTok | Spotify

Jason Richardson --- Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | TikTok | Spotify

David Benites --- Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | TikTok | Spotify

Taylor Larson --- Instagram | Mixwave Instagram

Marylou Larson --- Instagram | The Evening Instagram | Spotify


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