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EVI Now: Course 11 is LIVE!

We are happy to announce that Course 11 is live on our EVI Now program!

Course 11 is titled "Introduction to Melodic Singing" and consists of eight new videos with a watch time of 52 minutes 47 seconds and brings the total number of videos available in the program to 81 and counting.

We get asked all the time if David teaches melodic singing as well as metal vocals. The answer is yes! David has taught all kinds of melodic singing styles including rock, theater, classical, R&B, and more. Singing and extreme vocals go hand-in-hand and having a strong foundation in singing benefits your metal vocals.

EVI Now is our one-of-a-kind online guided lesson program designed to help you learn how to produce extreme vocals in a safe and sustainable way! EVI Now gives you access to lessons anywhere that you have access to the Internet 24/7.

We launched EVI Now on June 10 with ten courses already live in our program.


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