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EVI Now: Course 13 is live!

Course 13 of our EVI Now program covers one of the topics that we get asked about, projection. Entitled "Understanding How to Use Projection Effectively", this course walks you through the different components of projection in eight (8) lessons and 58 minutes.

Objectives for this course includes; (1) define projection in a modern context, (2) clear up misconceptions about projection, (3) identify anatomy used for projection, (4) use knowledge of acoustic science to shape sound for effective projection.

EVI Now is our one-of-a-kind online guided lesson program designed to help you learn how to produce extreme vocals in a safe and sustainable way! EVI Now gives you access to lessons anywhere that you have access to the Internet 24/7.

We launched EVI Now on June 10 with ten courses already live in our program. Since then, we have expanded to 13 courses with 96 available videos and more coming soon!

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Sep 22, 2021

This is a grreat blog

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