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Getting started with metal vocals

So, you want to start to learn metal vocals but you're not sure where to start. You're definitely not alone. This is one of the most frequent questions that we get here across all our socials. People aren't sure if they're too young or too old to learn or what the qualifications are to get going. The good news? If you've got a voice and a doctor hasn't specifically told you that vocals are not an option for you, you're good to get going.

A good place to dive right in is our YouTube channel! We have a bunch of free videos that will give you the lay of the land on what these vocals are and how to go about starting to produce them yourself. First and foremost we suggest that you watch our video on false cord vs fry screams which will give you an overview of the two main kinds of vocal distortion found in modern metal as well as some basic ways to start producing them in a healthy and sustainable way.

Next, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with air pressure control and proper breathing! Misuse of air is the number one cause of injury amongst metal vocalists. Believe it or not, you actually don't need that much force to get these sounds out! The name of the game here is balance.

From there, feel free to browse around our other videos available on our YouTube channel, we also recommend our video "Metal Vocal Power Challenge: Why Power ≠ Tone" for those of you just starting out and if you're enjoying what you're seeing, please smack that subscribe button and drop a comment for us!

If you're still finding that you need more guidance or you're having a hard time picking the direction you want to go in, you can check out some of our other resources for learning! In addition to the free information you can find on YouTube, we regularly put out content on our socials and you can join our community group on Facebook as well. If you're looking for more specific, more detailed learning options we have our private lesson program where you can work one-on-one with David and we have our EVI Now prerecorded video lesson program.

No matter how old you are or how much (or little) experience you have with vocals of any sort, it's never too late to get started learning. Feel free to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, join our Facebook Community Group or check out David's TikTok for more tips and tricks on how to get your voice to where you want it to be!


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