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Renesans new track 'Silver' and video out now!

Renesans is ending 2021 with a "Silver" lining - a new track and music video is streaming worldwide now.

"Silver" is an emotional track that features the most fry screaming David Benites has ever performed within a single song. Here's what he had to say about his choice to use this technique over his typical false cord scream on this song:

This might surprise you, but I used to hate doing fry screams. I’ve always leaned more towards false cord, at least until I started Renesans. Especially with Silver, there was something about the energy and vibe of the music that I felt called for a scream that was more emotional in a different way. Fry scream is incredibly reflective of how we feel since it’s purely our voice in there, and when I went for it in this song everything just clicked. I couldn’t be happier with it!

"Silver", like the previous Renesans tracks was co-written by Benites and producer Taylor Larson at MixWave Studios. Larson also mixed and mastered the track. Check out the official music video here:

The video was shot and edited by Anthony Lusk-Simone (Zenbeast Media) and color graded by Marylou Larson. The footage was taken at MixWave Studios. Single artwork by Anthony Lusk-Simone.

If you enjoy the track be sure to follow Renesans: Spotify | Instagram | Facebook


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