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The future of Extreme Vocal Institute is here!

Today we’re proud to launch our two new massive initiatives: EVI Now and EVI Acts!

EVI Now is our fully online guided lesson program for how to scream and develop your voice. No shortcuts, no tricks, and carefully designed by us for people of all levels. We’ve been busy here in the background working on this project for almost a year. In response to high demand and the global effects of COVID-19 we’ve fast tracked the process to give you all early access. 10 courses, over 70 lesson videos to start, new courses and content added regularly, and our custom Warm Up Program for all voice types coming soon!

You can go get started today! Our subscriptions are the lowest on the market because here at EVI we believe that metal vocal education should be available to everyone. We’re donating ALL the proceeds from our first week’s sign ups to the Know Your Rights Camp

as we stand in solidarity with the Black community against racism and police brutality, and to help contribute to an equal future. But the work doesn’t stop there.

EVI Acts is a free public hub for resources and courses of action for major issues in our communities and around the world. A rotating list of topics and organizations every quarter to focus our collective efforts on, starting with this movement in Civil Rights history, and providing ways you can take action right now to make a difference.

Our words as vocalists are only as strong as our actions, and we're here to help you learn how to start.

Real, lasting change for the better, as vocalists and as a human race, starts at home. It starts with you, it starts NOW.

We hope you enjoy, and I’m excited to start on this journey with you all. Sign up, take action, and Scream Responsibly!

Your Metal Vocal Coach,

David Benites


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