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Watch: Behind the screams with Ricky Hoover

Ov Sulfur is about to drop a heater of a record on March 24 via Century Media Records called "The Burden Ov Faith". It's filled with all the heaviness that you've loved from day one when former Suffokate vocalist Ricky Hoover stomped back into metal but also features vulnerability and intensity through genre blending both in songwriting and the vocals.

Ricky is a familiar face across our socials having worked with David since prior to releasing the project on the world but typically in the form of delivering gutturals. Check out a little bit of a different piece of content as Ricky talks about "The Burden Ov Faith" and the choices he made vocally for their debut album: we have the most diverse sounding album and music that I think any of us have ever been a part of.

Ov Sulfur is about to embark on another stacked USA deathcore tour in support of Chelsea Grin and Carnifex with Left To Suffer. "The Burden Ov Faith" comes out in a week and you can preorder it here.

The tracklisting for "The Burden Ov Faith" is:

  1. Stained In Rot

  2. Befouler (ft. Alex Terrible of Slaughter to Prevail)

  3. Death Ov Circumstance

  4. Earthen

  5. A Path to Salvation?

  6. I, Apostate

  7. Wide Open (ft. Howard Jones of Light the Torch)

  8. The Inglorious Archetype

  9. The Burden Ov Faith (ft. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher and Lindsay Schoolcraft)

Get ready for "The Burden Ov Faith" and check out the videos for "Stained In Rot", "Earthen" and "Befouler".


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