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Watch: Behold 2.0 Vocal Version (Jason Richardson, Luke Holland, David Benites)

Jason Richardson and Luke Holland dropped their new record "II" on Friday. For the album, Jason revisited an old track that had been previously released and entitled it Behold 2.0. The song was originally written to have vocals on it so David made the track his own:

This is the most vocally and lyrically complex thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing and performing, made even better with Taylor Larson and an insane full music video in record time with Marylou Larson. I couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve done here. Go blast the all new vocal version of Behold 2.0! - David Benites

Instrumentals courtesy of Jason Richardson and Luke Holland.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Taylor Larson at MixWave Studios in Maryland.

Video directed and edited by Marylou Larson.

Behold 2.0 Lyrics:

Insipid hands in severance,

Remit nullity.


An indescribable hunger tortures me.

You can’t escape from your destiny.

You can’t escape what is written.


The testament now undone.

Now the truth of ourselves redacted from all memory.

We must face oblivion.

Through the trenches of belief,

When nothing serene will ever change.

I reconcile,

Deep inside the truth I incubate,

Solace too little too late.

Let fate decide before I calcify,

Possess the prowess just to feel alive.

Chained, imprisoned and left to die,

Vain decision you can’t trust anyone.

Repetition, but you know why it has to be this way.

The counterfeit apologies in place of facing anything I’ve done,

I’ll deal with it another time.

The consequence of waiting, now we’re closer to incineration.

The earth god mother’s promise will be cleansed by fire.


Force disbelief from faith,

You were too little too late.

The tragic codependent,

The pyre is where it ends.

You can’t hide from me.

All will be cleansed by fire,

This will be the end of us all.

The light bereft of luminance.

Behold the higher power.

The throne is hollow.


Lay claim to pain manufactured.


Now I make my leave.

Decay is the way of all things as the ruler of rot.

Repugnant souls fill the hollow throne,

Mirror, reveal false idols.

Ruminate the tongue stained by silver spoon,

Decrepit hand of the night.

Immortalize the calamity.

Deliver us from the beast,

You never wanted reason to question why.

Bitter taste of defeat,

Vindicated demon, diseased nonstop.

Another war on belief,

Asyndromatic people now lead to die.

What is beyond the greed,

Liberated system, destain undone.


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