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Owner / Vocal Coach

David Benites is a vocalist and vocal coach specializing in vocal distortion and the owner of Extreme Vocal Institute. He has taught vocalists of all levels from all over the world, working in the studio and on tour with some of the most prominent bands in metal. 

David’s approach to teaching vocals is a combination of his background as a classical musician, knowledge of the human body from his experience on a powerlifting and bodybuilding team and passion for physical fitness, insight as a member of the metal community for the majority of his life, and research of speech pathology and singing styles. His goal is to present information in a simple and clear way for others to understand and be able to replicate for themselves.

Energetic and enthusiastic, David’s optimism is contagious and apparent through his lesson videos posted on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok earning millions of views. His love for this craft is infectious and his personality shines through his instructional videos. Meet David and you’ll find that he’s exactly the same way, always smiling and ready to talk vocals. 

David’s devotion to music started as a child and only grew with age. He has a jazz, classical, choir and theater background and attended Berklee College of Music in Boston before leaving to pursue touring and vocal coaching full time. He has returned to Berklee on multiple occasions as a guest clinician and expert on vocal distortion. In addition to vocals, David plays trombone, bass, piano, and guitar. 

Music consumes the majority of his time but when he does get a spare moment David enjoys being outside as much as possible, preferably on the beach, attending Boston Bruins games, physical activity of pretty much any kind, visiting art museums, watching movies and most importantly doing things for Marvel (the dog not the multi billion dollar franchise).

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Rilee Dubilo

Owner / Marketing & Branding

Rilee Dubilo co-owns Extreme Vocal Institute with David. She started working with him in 2019 after finding herself in the room with him while he taught a lesson. Rilee was so impressed with his approach to teaching that she abandoned her job to work with him full time. Convincing David to hand her the reins to his life’s work took convincing but she helped scale the company allowing him to focus on what he loves most; teaching and performing vocals. 

Rilee’s main focus is on marketing and branding but as a two person company, there are many roles to fill. She is responsible for all the photography, video production and editing, graphic design, website design and maintenance, social media, accounting, public relations, customer service and more for EVI.

A consumer of metal from a young age, Rilee grew up going to concerts seemingly every week. Eventually, she met and befriended members of one of her favorite bands. Through them, she earned the friendship of other artists, unveiling a newfound admiration for the relentless efforts required to triumph in such a highly competitive industry. While not a musician, Rilee vowed to find a way to work in music despite struggling with health issues that prevented her from taking touring jobs. David and EVI gave her that opportunity.

The only thing that competes with Rilee’s love for music is her hockey obsession. When she’s not working or watching hockey, Rilee enjoys biking and hiking, traveling, horseback riding and spending time with her family and of course, her dog Marvel. 

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Chief Operating Officer

Marvel is the real driving force behind Extreme Vocal Institute. Marvel’s favorite part of her job is client interaction. She is the only HR approved employee to kiss people repeatedly upon introduction. In addition to being featured in content, she is a great motivator, boosts company morale with her antics, and is excellent for emotional support on those long days when nothing seems to be going the way you want it to. 

Marvel can often be seen in the background of David’s online lessons; sleeping on the couch, forcing him to pet her, or throwing one of her toys around for herself. 

Her favorite things are being the center of attention and food. 

Extreme Vocal Institute offers private vocal lessons and online courses taught by David Benites, expert in vocal distortion and touring vocal coach for metal artists. 

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