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One of our biggest goals is to help as many people as possible find their voices and improve their vocal technique for a healthy and lasting career. This is why we offer so many different ways to learn with us from David’s private coaching to our EVI Now courses to our free content across our YouTube channel and social platforms. We have heard from thousands that they’ve been able to improve their vocals just off the free content alone.

Our biggest and most accessible of our free content is available through our YouTube channel. Whether you prefer long format videos or short format content like you’d see on Instagram or TikTok, you can find it there. We have recently thrown all our videos into playlists so you can easily find what you’re looking to learn more about.

Trying to learn the false cord scream or fry scream techniques? Check out our respective playlists: False Cord Scream and Fry Scream.

Looking for warm ups? We’ve got you covered here.

Vocal health? Here is a playlist for you.

General coaching or tips about how to be a better performer? Check out this playlist.

We have also recently started a series called “Behind The Screams” where David interviews artists that he’s worked with either on tour or in the studio about their work together, their careers, etc.

Interested in David as a vocalist and artist? Check out his band Renesans or the covers he’s done. You can also see the interviews that he’s done as well as live footage from performances.

Be sure to check out the other playlists while you’re browsing the channel.

Probably the biggest draw to our YouTube channel however is the live streams that David does. While he doesn’t have a lot of time to do them given his tour, studio and lessons schedule, we try to fit in as many live Q&A sessions as possible where you can ask questions about things you’re working on and get feedback in the moment. Only subscribers are able to ask questions so be sure you are and that you have notifications on for when he does have some time to go live.

We are inching in on 100,000 subscribers on our channel and are working on something special for all of you to celebrate this incredible milestone with us! We are so grateful for all the support and the community that we've built!

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We couldn't just kick off the holiday season with one course, we had to drop two! Course 29: False cord scream activations and Course 30: Fry scream activations.

There’s never just one right way of doing something. Courses 29 and 30 explore eight different ways to activate the false cord and fry screams respectively. These methods have been developed and road tested by David with artists on tour and with students at home everywhere. Although every voice is different, there is always a method that works for each person just waiting to be discovered. New exercises, demonstrations, perspectives and so much more await. For every vocalist out there, these courses are for you.

*Use code BLEGHKFRIDAY when signing up to receive 40% off until 11:59pm ET Monday November 28*

Course objectives include: (1) Identify at least one method of false cord scream/fry scream activation that works for you (2) Revisit previous methods of false cord scream/fry scream activation with new perspective (3) Put method(s) into practice.

Run time for Course 29 is 46 minutes 59 seconds and run time for Course 30 is 47 minutes 21 seconds.

These courses were developed with user feedback in mind as David has met so many of you while on the road. We are always looking to improve and expand upon our ability to communicate these techniques with you and we are so excited to share these courses with you!

Courses available through EVI Now are:

Course 1: Introduction to Extreme Vocals

Course 2: Preparing the Body for Extreme Vocals

Course 3: Introduction to the False Cord and Fry Techniques

Course 4: Inhale Metal Vocals

Course 5: Vocal Health: Building healthy foundations from the beginning

Course 6: Shaping sound into words, phrasing, and endurance

Course 7: Introduction to Shape and Tonal Variation

Course 8: Shaping Sound: Low Screams

Course 9: Shaping Sound: High Screams

Course 10: Shaping Sound: Mid Screams

Course 11: Introduction to Melodic Singing

Course 12: Unlocking Tone for Extreme and Melodic Vocals

Course 13: Understanding How to Use Projection Effectively

Course 14: Screaming & Melody: Pitched Screams

Course 15: Revisiting the False Cord Technique

Course 16: Revisiting the Fry Scream Technique

Course 17: Strengthening the Melodic Foundation

Course 18: Range Expansion: Expectations and exercises

Course 19: Emulation with Purpose

Course 20: Complete Breathing

Course 21: Improving Endurance

Course 22: Mixed Screaming: Combining the false cord and fry techniques

Course 23: The Tour Cycle: Before

Course 24: The Tour Cycle: During

Course 25: The Tour Cycle: After

Course 26: Screaming Acrobatics

Course 27: Mastering Transitions: Singing & Screaming

Course 28: Ultimate Tone

Course 29: False cord scream activations

Course 30: Fry scream activations

EVI Now has now tripled the number of courses we have since when we originally launched the program on June 10, 2020.

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Dynamics are the name of the game with Ingested's Metal Blade Records debut album "Ashes Lie Still". Make no mistake, the heaviness that Ingested has always delivered is still present but the entire record has risen above its predecessors when it comes to technical skill, groove, songwriting, and raw emotion.

Extreme Vocal Institute's David Benites sat down with Ingested's frontman Jason Evans to talk about the record and how Jason pushed himself as a vocalist. Jason and David worked together remotely during the height of the pandemic before Ingested entered the studio to track "Ashes Lie Still". Watch Jason talk about the journey here:

Be the first you.

Ingested is currently on the completely sold out "The Pain Remains Tour" with headliner Lorna Shore and support acts Aborted, Angelmaker, and Ov Sulfur. Don't worry if you miss them on this run, they'll be back soon.

Remaining dates for "The Pain Remains Tour" at the time of writing include:

Nov 6 Roseville, CA | Goldfield Trading Post

Nov 8 Seattle, WA | El Corazon

Nov 9 Portland, OR | Hawthorne Theatre

Nov 11 Salt Lake City, UT | The Complex

Nov 12 Denver, CO | Summit

Nov 13 Lawrence, KS | The Bottleneck

Nov 15 Chicago, IL | The Bottom Lounge

Nov 16 Detroit, MI | St. Andrew’s Hall

Nov 17 Cleveland, OH | House of Blues

Nov 18 Mckees Rocks, PA | Roxian Theatre

Nov 19 Toronto, ON | Phoenix Concert Theatre

Nov 20 Montreal, QC | L’astral

Listen to "Ashes Lie Still" and check out the accompanying videos for "All I've Lost", "Ashes Lie Still", "Tides of Glass", and "Rebirth" via the Metal Blade Records YouTube channel.

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