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Course 31 is live!

Had to sneak one more course in before the end of 2022! ✨

This course was designed to answer a lot of questions David was asked while out on the road this year! We’ve also developed a practice routine and way for you to keep track your progress on your vocal goals.

Course 31 is called "Level up your vocals" and it's going to help you do exactly that! Get the most out of your practice sessions to level up your voice. Setting goals helps you add structure to your practice and develop positive muscle memory. Level up your vocals with our practice scorecard developed to motivate you to meet your goals and gauge progress. In this course, David talks about the components that make for a complete vocalist and gives you the tools to help you round out your repertoire to reach the next milestone in your vocal journey.

Course objectives include: 1) Identify the use of structure in practice 2) Learn how to realistically set goals for yourself 3) Apply realistic goal setting 4) Apply practice scorecard to practice.

Run time for Course 31 is 1 hour, 4 minutes and 14 seconds.

Courses available through EVI Now are:

Course 1: Introduction to Extreme Vocals

Course 2: Preparing the Body for Extreme Vocals

Course 3: Introduction to the False Cord and Fry Techniques

Course 4: Inhale Metal Vocals

Course 5: Vocal Health: Building healthy foundations from the beginning

Course 6: Shaping sound into words, phrasing, and endurance

Course 7: Introduction to Shape and Tonal Variation

Course 8: Shaping Sound: Low Screams

Course 9: Shaping Sound: High Screams

Course 10: Shaping Sound: Mid Screams

Course 11: Introduction to Melodic Singing

Course 12: Unlocking Tone for Extreme and Melodic Vocals

Course 13: Understanding How to Use Projection Effectively

Course 14: Screaming & Melody: Pitched Screams

Course 15: Revisiting the False Cord Technique

Course 16: Revisiting the Fry Scream Technique

Course 17: Strengthening the Melodic Foundation

Course 18: Range Expansion: Expectations and exercises

Course 19: Emulation with Purpose

Course 20: Complete Breathing

Course 21: Improving Endurance

Course 22: Mixed Screaming: Combining the false cord and fry techniques

Course 23: The Tour Cycle: Before

Course 24: The Tour Cycle: During

Course 25: The Tour Cycle: After

Course 26: Screaming Acrobatics

Course 27: Mastering Transitions: Singing & Screaming

Course 28: Ultimate Tone

Course 29: False cord scream activations

Course 30: Fry scream activations

Course 31: Level up your vocals

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday season and we can wait to share with you all our plans for 2023! 🤩


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