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EVI Now Course 18 is live!

Course 18 features 9 new lessons for our EVI Now subscribers! Entitled "Range Expansion: Expectations and exercises", Course 18 will help you start to expand on what you currently have while maintaining focus on health and sustainability because after all, longevity is our goal!

Objectives for this course include: 1) Find your current range 2) Define the different type of voice registers 3) Define "working range" and "stretch range" 4) Set realistic expectations for your own range expansion 5) Apply range expanding exercises to your practice routine.

The run time for Course 18 is 49 minutes and 37 seconds but we remind you to take your time working your way through these lessons and to revisit them as you apply the exercises to your practice routine.

While our subscribers can feel free to hop around our program as they see fit, we advise going in the order the courses have been released so you don't miss any crucial steps to development. Prior to jumping into Course 18 we highly advise that you watch or revisit Course 11: Introduction to Melodic Singing and Course 17: Strengthening the Melodic Foundation.

Current courses available are:

Course 1: Introduction to Extreme Vocals

Course 2: Preparing the Body for Extreme Vocals

Course 3: Introduction to the False Cord and Fry Techniques

Course 4: Inhale Metal Vocals

Course 5: Vocal Health: Building healthy foundations from the beginning

Course 6: Shaping sound into words, phrasing, and endurance

Course 7: Introduction to Shape and Tonal Variation

Course 8: Shaping Sound: Low Screams

Course 9: Shaping Sound: High Screams

Course 10: Shaping Sound: Mid Screams

Course 11: Introduction to Melodic Singing

Course 12: Unlocking Tone for Extreme and Melodic Vocals

Course 13: Understanding How to Use Projection Effectively

Course 14: Screaming & Melody: Pitched Screams

Course 15: Revisiting the False Cord Technique

Course 16: Revisiting the Fry Scream Technique

Course 17: Strengthening the Melodic Foundation

Course 18: Range Expansion: Expectations and exercises

We launched EVI Now on June 10, 2020 with ten courses already live in our program. Since then, we have expanded to 17 courses with 137 available videos and more coming soon!


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