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EVI Students in the wild: We Came As Romans drops new single 'Darkbloom'

We Came As Romans have begun a new era with their new single "Darkbloom" which was released accompanied by a futuristic sci-fi music video via Sharptone Records. Dave Stephens (formally the co-lead vocalist with Kyle Pavone) worked with Extreme Vocal Institute's David Benites during his time in the studio.

It's the third song released by WCAR since the passing of Pavone. The inspiration behind "Darkbloom" is that there is still opportunity for personal growth even in the most difficult times of life per guitarist Joshua Moore. You can check out "Darkbloom" here and stream it everywhere now:

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Uncured release new single 'I Won't Break' while on tour with Carnifex

Uncured has been busy these past few weeks. They dropped their single "Living Like I'm Dead" just prior to heading out on the road and followed up with "I Won't Break" on July 14, 2021.

Check out "I Won't Break" streaming now! If you love what you hear, follow Uncured: Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify

German metal band Cypecore returns to the stage this Friday

Extreme Vocal Institute student and Cypecore frontman returns to the future (2133 to be precise) and the stage in Germany this Friday at BADEN IN BLUT 2021. Check out the music video for their song "Dreamsmasher" from their record The Alliance (2018).

Cypecore will also be on the road in early 2022:

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