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Extreme Vocal Institute: Community reaches 4,000 members

We are excited to say that our Facebook group, Extreme Vocal Institute: Community, surpassed the 4,000 member milestone this morning! This group is designed to be by vocalists for vocalists and is a place where people can share their bands, practice videos, covers, or whatever it is that they are working on.

We take pride in that our community has maintained a positive atmosphere where people can feel comfortable sharing progress even if they aren't entirely comfortable showing the outside world just yet. Our group is private which means that whatever is shared in the group stays there and our members that may have a bit of "stage fright", as it were, don't have to worry about their videos being shared outside the group.

We have hosted several "vocal cover contests" through our community and we are planning more in the future! Additionally, David goes through the group regularly to give advice to those seeking help and to do live Q&A sessions with members. We also source our questions for our YouTube Q&A videos from the group.

Our members come from all over the world and all walks of life; from people just starting out their vocal journey to internationally touring artists. While the group is designed for vocalists, we have many instrumentalist members as well! If you're just generally interested in extreme vocals, this is the place for you and we invite you to join us!


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