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New Renesans track is HEAVY and it's out now

David's band Renesans is back with a vengeance. "Labor of Hate" is the heaviest track that the band has put out. Written and produced in partnership with Chris Wiseman (Currents, Shadow of Intent) and Justin "JD" deBlieck (formerly Ice Nine Kills) this track is designed to make you move both physically and emotionally.

Be sure to follow Renesans on Spotify and save "Labor of Hate".

David shared his thoughts about the track in an Instagram live stream saying, "This track has the heaviest and most versatile set of vocals I've ever performed in one song."

The video was directed, produced, and edited by Dave Dunsire, also the guitarist of Renesans with a camera assist from Extreme Vocal Institute's quieter owner Rilee Dubilo. This video features bassist Ron Bernhaut and drummer Luke Green.

The guitar and bass featured in the video are beautiful pieces of art from the master craftsman Dave Cohen at Equilibrium Guitars.

You can all check out the brand new Renesans website. Subscribe to the email list to be the first to know about new music, exclusive merch information and more! Renesans is also now on TikTok.


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