Meet your instructor, David Benites

For 13 years, David Benites has been developing his extreme vocal technique, constantly pushing the limits of his range, tone, and endurance. As an active member of the metal community, he identified a desperate necessity for proper vocal instruction that catered to the needs of modern, extreme metal vocalists. To answer that call, David created a unique vocal training method drawing from opera, country, musical theater, and R&B designed to help students of all ages sing and scream louder, longer, with greater range and without injury. 


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Black Water

If you are an aspiring vocalist of any genre or an experienced road dog, you WILL learn something through David. He successfully saved my ass and an entire tour by showing me some simple tricks and exercises to assist me on my vocal journey. Take the time to reach out to him, I P R O M I S E you will not regret it. 


If you want to unlock your full vocal potential or simply learn a safe approach to extreme vocals then EVI is what you need. David is a fantastic teacher and his lesson plans have taught me more these past 6 months than I could begin to comprehend. After years of being unhappy with my voice I am finally discovering just what I am capable of doing and I’m loving the progress. Thank you David for sharing your endless knowledge and creating such a great community.