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Winners of the 'Foundation of Bones' vocal cover contest announced!

We were all taken aback by the incredible response to the "Foundation of Bones" cover contest we ran with Enterprise Earth! We had over 80 participants and so many incredible submissions that it was incredibly challenging to narrow it down to three winners.

Yesterday, Dan and David went live on Facebook to announce the top three, discuss a bit about how they assessed the entries and how the top three earned their places!


1st place - Juan Garcia

2nd place - Adam Spencer

3rd place - Ryan Dennis

You can check out their submissions below!

In addition we would also like to recognize the rest of the top ten who made the decision nearly impossible for us; Ricky Fullen, Burt Kalectomy (Darb), Elijah Reiter, Jei Doublerice, Chris Velarde, Michael Cobin, and Casey Needler.

Again, thank you to everyone who participated and keep working hard!


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