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EVI Students in the wild: new Zero 9:36, Signs of the Swarm, Ingested and more

If you're looking for new music we've got a lot to talk about. The past couple weeks have been crazy with releases from great friends and great bands!

Zero 9:36 drops remix of 'Adrenaline' featuring Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills

Just when you thought this song couldn't get any better, Zero says "hang on, hold my beer" and the result is a heavier version of the hit track with a feature from Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills. You can check the track out below, on your streaming platform of choice or hear it on SiriusXM Octane.

Zero is currently on tour with Pop Evil and is announced for several more festivals and tours throughout the fall. This release comes on the heels of a live version of the track from a performance for SiriusXM Octane.

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Signs of the Swarm drop second single off 'Absolvere' featuring Alex Erian

Pittsburgh slamming deathcore heavyweights Signs of the Swarm released their second track, "Hollow Prison" off their upcoming record Absolvere on July 27. Despised Icon's Alex Erian lent his voice to the track for a heavy verse that's sure to make your neck snap as you mosh in whatever location you're listening to the track in. Check it out here or however you prefer to jam your music:

If you want to know more about the track or about frontman David Simonich and Alex, check out the Q&A they did on release night talking about this track, their bands, upcoming tours, their vocals and more:

If you're a fan of Signs of the Swarm, be sure to check back on our socials soon for something cool in the very near future! You can also check out Signs of the Swarm on the road very soon for their album release headliner featuring labelmates Worm Shepherd and on select dates our homie Ricky Hoover and his band Ov Sulfur.

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UK Slam Kings Ingested unleash 'The Surreption II' on the world

"The Surreption" originally made its debut ten years ago as Ingested's sophomore record but it's gotten a sonic face lift for 2021 that will leave your face melted. Ingested re-recorded the album for the release. The new mix is significantly fuller and the vocals are much more present so if you're a fan of Jason Evans or just brutally heavy death metal, this is definitely worth checking out.

The third track "The Consequence" also features the aforementioned Alex Erian of Despised Icon.

Jason has been working with David for a little bit now, getting ready for whatever Ingested has next! So far they have been announced for European shows in the fall as well as throughout the United Kingdom.

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On tour now (or soon)


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