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Trinity of Terror Tour recap

The second leg of the Trinity of Terror Tour wrapped up this past weekend in Cincinnati, OH. Extreme Vocal Institute's David Benites was on the tour working with members of We Came As Romans, Motionless In White, and Ice Nine Kills as well as being tagged in to perform "Slaughterhouse" alongside Motionless In White each night.

In an Instagram post David said: "Trinity of Terror Tour is done! Hands down the craziest experience of my life so far. Can't even go through the huge amount of memories captured without a giant smile on my face.

We Came As Romans, Motionless In White, Ice Nine Kills, very proud of all the great vocal work we've done together here, and all your leaps and bounds in progress. The best times with new friends made and bonds made stronger with old.

Amazing having family be out here with me, as well as meeting so many of YOU, my EVI family every day. Special thanks again to Chris [Motionless] for inviting me to share the stage and share the most intense and unforgettable performances. Now, onto the next!"

During the time on the road, David put out a 30 second voice lesson covering how to scream like Knocked Loose vocalist Bryan Garris, whose parts he was performing in "Slaughterhouse". He also shared this trick for finding time to practice and this video of tongue twisters for time with Ricky Armellino (Ice Nine Kills).

The tour made its way through Blue Ridge Rock Festival with We Came As Romans playing Thursday and the remainder of the package playing Saturday. You can see David's recap of Blue Ridge here.

The tour also included a bucket list home show for Motionless In White at Montage Mountain in Scranton, PA complete with an insanely loud crowd and pyrotechnics.

Leg three of the Trinity of Terror Tour kicks off on Halloween and runs through the month of November with a couple dates in December. The third leg will feature Atreyu as the opener.

David is currently on the True Power Tour with Fit For A King, Pierce The Veil, and headliner I Prevail with Yours Truly opening. You can keep up with all the shenanigans from that tour on his Instagram.

Cover image by Ellie Mitchell Photography.


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